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Name: Phone: Interests:
Angela Stark (QLD)0404 08 55 37Photography,
Angela (QLD)0404 085 537Hiking, Food, Cinema, Card and Board Games, Dancing, Family
Anita (QLD)07 3122 7007
Anna (QLD)07 3269 5678sports, travelling, sailing,
Aude (QLD)
Ben + Helen (QLD)07 4635 5512fam.-life, kochen und baking.,kulturen,painting,travel Life und mehr,....
Benn & Helen (QLD)46355512social hello
Brigitte Morris (QLD)0408 200 238Redlands
Bruno Kempter (QLD)(07)54845901
Bruno Vogt (QLD)5559 4600
Carmen Peddell (QLD)07 32600500Artistic Roller Skating/Rollkunstlaufen - coaching, (used to skate before kids), snowboarding, my 3 children Max, Alex and Lara, my husband Tim and dog, music, meeting people, travelling. Swiss Society Treasurer since May 2007.
Carmen & Daniel (QLD)0490528588aviation, hiking, rock climbing, tennis, cars
Cecile (QLD)07 4194 0105 - 0409 286 326Organising 3-monthly-get-togethers for Swiss in the Fraser Coast area
Chantal de Raemy Holzherr (QLD)07 3256 1489reading, movies, hiking, travelling, swimming, fitness, arts, meeting people
Charlene (QLD)traveling, swimming, sunbathing
Christian Nobel (QLD)0408725349Hiking, climbing, kitesurfing
Christian (QLD)07 4096 5400boating fisihing 4wd driving bush cooking wine reading computer
Corinne Kempter (QLD)(07)54886219
Daniel (QLD)(07) 3822 8681Australia Camping Computers Food
Daniela (QLD)0417 636 971Scuba Diving
Doris Olek (QLD)07 3351 8803 + 0401 809 032dancing, water sports, gardening und singing
Doris Olek (QLD)07 3351 8803 0401 809 032dance frogs musik beachwalks camping gardening
Edi Brandli (QLD)08 8672 3507 / 0488 573 bushwalks jassen new zealand travelling backpacking camping web design graphic design cad flying motor biking boating computers AutoCAD opals Coober Pedy
Eirene & Konrad Hofstetter (QLD)07 5471 3433health and nutrition, garden, swimming, sailing, cooking, reading, travel
Elvis Hsu (QLD)0417610155Swiss German
Erika (QLD)0416839392
Ernst (QLD)Travel,
eva (QLD)07 5483 9477folklore tanz
Flavio Brandli (QLD)07 3820 7168friends technology lego films soccer drawing dragons bikes game_boy play_station mythology nrl rugby bushwalking
Florido and Jan Bizzozero (QLD)07 34253785social events
Frank (QLD)07 3376 7171Bowls Stamps Walking
Franz Huber (QLD)07 5597 0666Swiss Dialects, Poetry, Bushwalking, Opera, Politics, Jass
Franziska Peter (QLD)0755004287German Books
Fredi (QLD)+61732891183Bushwalking & Traveling, hiking, camping, skiing, jassen, computers, photography, good music in hi-fi.
Fritz Schoeni (QLD)0427212983Hiking , 4x4 , Bush
Gabriel Dubler (QLD)3300 5421 / 0435 570 241my family, television and video production, travel.
George Brenk (QLD)0738217049Marine Rescue
Hanni Kaech (QLD)07 5447 7548bush-walking, caravanning, cooking, Jass, travelling
Hans Gyger (QLD)0407 028517Biking, dental, denture, New Zealand
Hans (QLD) 5562 2142Tennis,Golf,Web
Hans & Preeya Kiesinger (QLD)07 54794561Amateur Radio Photography Orchids Travel
Heidi Wyeth (QLD)0412156474good food, fine wine, travel and cruising
Isabella Flego-Peter (QLD)0406482442Travel
Ivan Marco Cogo (QLD)0733583207play drums, fussball
Jacqueline Waller (QLD)0401912817Hiking cycling confederation day samichlaus christmas cooking
Jakob Berner (QLD)07 5432 8532cooking
Jakob Zasada (QLD)0432803984Bush walking, European cuisine, German language, Fitness, Socialising, Traveling, Films
Jennifer (QLD)
John Russell (QLD)07 4698 7226Lived in UK for 29 Years Lived in CH 31 years Now trying Australia
Jolanda&Heinz Baur (QLD)0418228273Travel, Guggenmusig, (bush)walking, computer, gooood music, party,
Jose Jungo (QLD)0419 900 486Folklore Dancing Travel Good Restaurant
Jurg (QLD)0412 123 913bushwalking kayaking swiss food
Karl Kobler (QLD)07 4033 2965Information, News, Outback, Travel, Gold in Australia
Katrin Van Aken (QLD)0417549337AFL , books, camping, entertainment, tennis, travel, Swiss Mums and kids
Kevin (QLD)3871 1339Swiss Society of Queensland, Jodel Choir
Kurt (QLD)04300 56727computers, electronics, environment, bush walking,
Linda & Thomas Reeb (QLD)07 3821 6303Family (2 Kids, keep us running) Sport (Skiing, Tennis,....) House and Garden for a Lifestyle, Friends, Travelling (necessity with family)
Lorly Wihler (QLD)07 3298 5300Arts Craft Reading Movies Tai Chi President of SCCS Qld
marc (QLD)0406436477
Marc & Dixie Godat (QLD)Access Bushwalking Hiking Jass Squash Webhost Tennis
Margaret the Aussie (QLD)0401 681 582Jassen
Mario Brandli (QLD)07 3820 7168animals swimming reading music comedy jokes films harry potter drama singing dancing models bikes bushwalking
Mark WIRTH (QLD)0415115708Hiking festivals
Markus Koenig (QLD)07 3711 6145Public transport
Markus (QLD)07 47289300
Markus and Sara Bucher (QLD)07 5494 2247cheese tourism
Martin Schaer (QLD)+41 78 603 81 81 (mobile) / +41 41 781 33 32 (home)Digital photography, computer (Access, CAD…), travelling, bushwalking, nature, dancing, biking, skiing, ships, plains, cars, remote control models, relaxing…
Matthias Bickel (QLD)+ 61 7 3122 7007, 0423 173 525Dentist/Prosthodontist Bushwalking Motorbike riding Jassen,
Michael (QLD)5598 1072Surfing, hiking, travel, Cooking Curries
Monika Nick (QLD)0412163314cooking jass hiking
Nicole (QLD)07 412566124WD Hire Fraser Island
Othmar & Hildegard Bischof (QLD)(07) 54930853Reisen Musik Lesen das Leben geniessen
Patrick (QLD)54849174Beach, 4x4, Family, Bricklaying, Building Websites, House Music
Peter Schaer (QLD)+61435000101Dancing Hiking Socialising 
Peter Schuepbach (QLD)07 5492 3825Guggemusik New Zealand Golf
Pius (QLD) 0400661143Ford Mustang 1966 Rock and Roll the only good cane toad is a dead one
Rachel (QLD)0418982480Printing & Graphic Design Zumba Reading
René (QLD)(07) 3278 7229computers, music, movies, books, motorbikes, diving, gliding (sailplanes), travelling, kayaking
Reto (QLD)07 3311 1537Fishing, Surfing and other various Sports Making Music (Didjeridoo, Djembe)
Rico (QLD)bushwalking, cooking, rock climbing, absailing, kyacking, computers, cinema.
Rita von Rotz (QLD)07 3314 8344Gardening, Jassen, Reading, Travel
Rolf Vollenweider (QLD)Tennis Soccer My familie
Ruth Milwright Milwright (QLD)07 3205 4172 Dancing, Jassen, 4 Weeldrive, Traveling
Sabrina Pellizzola (QLD)0449136064i\'ll move to melbourne in march 08, looking forward to meet some swiss people there!! isch immer schoen en stueckli heimat aztreffe :-)
Sabrina Schmid (QLD)07 3878 5109
Sean (QLD)07 3300 5798
Silvia (QLD)3720 2869horseriding travelling 4WD and camping hiking
Simon Rueede (QLD)0741244169walking, diving, reading, bushcrafting
Simone (QLD)0450954354
Stephanie (QLD)04202 90518swimming in the ocean, dolphins, snorkeling, bushwalking, rock n\' roll, floorball
subal miard (QLD)0416731982traveling, looking for a job at the moment
Sybille Goss (QLD)0424 064 789Meeting people Going out Cinema Cooking Dancing Reading Travelling and so much more.......
Timothy (QLD)07 32600599business dining fitness livemusic snowboarding taxminimisation!travel
Tina Ventura (QLD)07 3278 5260Movies Cooking Jass Reading Travelling
Tony Moser (QLD)0448 311 322 (Gold Coast)My dogs, BBQs with friends, meeting people, photography, delicious food & wine, computer, bushwalking.
Tony Moser (QLD)(07) 5426 4826 / 0419 654 790gyro copters
Urs (QLD)0400 753129Hiking Jass Food
Vera (QLD)+41 56 288 33 39 *dancing, eating, hiking, squash, writing
Viola (QLD)07 3376 1786Gardening Meeting Friends Travelling
Vreni Schonenberger (QLD)07 3206 9737gardening
Walter Baumann (QLD)07 3880 3315Golf; Hiking
Wayne Randall (QLD)0755335192
Wendy Gyger-Räber (QLD)0432 068023 xDressing, New Zealand, Parties, Cooking
werner (QLD)0411691414Hiking
Willy Bloch (QLD)0477418550Real Estate, Property, Immobillien, Haus, Cairns