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Member Profiles matching your criterias
Name: Phone: Interests:
Ammann (ACT)
Canberra (ACT)
Christian (ACT)02 6161 1786
Claudia Casserini (ACT)
Fiona Wedenig (ACT)0431 967 008Kitesurfing Horse riding
Francois (ACT)02 9977 6602
franziska und ruedi mit ann - sophie schmid steuri (ACT)0262820574outdoor music languages
Julien (ACT)Hiking Running Tennis Volley
katherine (ACT)0424762669cooking, entrepreneurs, schwyzerdutsh for kids
keith (ACT)08 9274 7925golf jass music sport swissculture switzerland
Lorenz Wuthrich (ACT)0418580084BBQ Businessventures Fitness Friendships Hiking Nightlife Perth Sailing Socialising Swimming
Mavis Rangiihu-Uhr (ACT)6254 0367
mavis & Fredi (ACT)(02) 6254 0367children-ours, liesure, relaxation, reading, family, friends, future finds either materalistic or emotional.
member member (ACT)02 6246 5722Swiss Club
Nik Bilgerig (ACT)
Noel Frei (ACT)Travel, Art, Litersture
Peter and Ellie (ACT)0412430343Kafi Schnapps und schnoerre
Werner (ACT)02-62914160Radio
Yves (ACT)0430043604Foudue, Jass, Windsurf, Ski,