Swiss Club of New South Wales
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Usplampete - 16 Dec
Samichlaus - 14 Dec
26 Nov Playgroup
29 Oct Playgroup
Buure Zmorge - 20 Oct
Eurofest - 14/15 Sept
27 August Playgroup
National Picnic - 4 Aug
National Day - 1 Aug
2013 AGM - 12 July
Fondue Night - 1 July
Buure Zmorge - 9 June
Dinner Dance - 18 May
Bushwalk - Sun 24 Mar
Fasnacht - Sat 2 Mar
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Swiss Entrepreneurs
Cercle Romand
Swiss Folksdance Group
Swiss Historical Society
Swiss Yodlers
SchwyzerdŁtsch for Kids
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