Swiss Playgroup of Sydney
Phone: 0416160919
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Group Events
11 April
28 March
28 February
31 January Playgroup
Samichlaus - 14 Dec
26 Nov Playgroup
29 Oct Playgroup
27 August Playgroup
30 Jul National Day party
25 June Playgroup
28 May Playgroup
30 Apr Playgroup
26 Mar Playgroup
26 Feb Playgroup
17 Feb - Pool party
29 Jan - Playgroup
9 Jan - Date Night!
9 Dec - Samiclaus
30 Nov Playgroup
Oct Playgroup
Sept Playgroup
Aug Playgroup
July Playgroup
June Playgroup
May Playgroup
April Playgroup
March pre-Easter Playgroup
February Playgroup
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Swiss Playgroup Sydney
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