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Welcome to Swiss Community Care Society
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News - August 2017

Dear members, friends and compatriots,

I am sitting on our back veranda in the sun while I am writing this, what a Winter! Every day the same lovely weather. We had the same for the 2017 SCCS Seniors Lunch at Buderim. Small wonder then that 115 people attended the lunch. As usual we were entertained by “Baerg-Roeseli” who took us on a most enjoyable “train trip” around Switzerland. This was followed by an excellent lunch. It was lovely to catch–up with so many members and friends, and we are looking forward to seeing you all again next year.
Unfortunately there is a big “IF” to next year’s continuation of the SCCS QLD Chapter. Lorly Wihler, who has been our very able president for the past 12 years, will resign from her position by the end of this year. So far we have not found a replacement for her and no one in the current committee can take over the position.
The SCCS has only two functions per year, the Seniors Lunch at Buderim in May plus a Christmas Luncheon in December. In between there are occasional meetings, and some work in keeping the contact with our members and compatriots in need. All the committee members share in those tasks. If we are unable to find a new president and have to close down, all our funds will have to be transferred to the Sydney NSW SCCS branch.
If there is anybody among the Brisbane Swiss Club community who would like to step–up to the challenge, we would be happy to hear from her or him! Don’t worry about being new to the position. We are an easy going, supportive team and help will be given. Please give Lorly a call on 07 3298 5300 or talk to any of the SCCS committee members.
Here is a thought on your way: The pessimist complains about the wind; the optimist expects it to change; the realist adjusts the sails.

Erika Vincent, Secretary

Our Mission Statement:

To provide relief, assistance, support and social contact for needy, seniors and lonely members of the Swiss community in Australia and people of Swiss-Australian nationality or background and their families and dependants.

QUEENSLAND CHAPTER A.B.N. 28 446 153 022

Visit the sick in hospital and provide support and encouragement
for those in difficult circumstances.
Keep in touch with elderly and lonely, and promote contact with
other persons in the community.
Provide financial assistance in cases of hardship, and assist with
identifying other sources of support.
Promote good fellowship among the Swiss and Swiss-Australian
Provide mutual support network.
Contact older members of the community on their birthdays
and Christmas.
Raise awareness of the needs of people in less
fortunate circumstances.
Draw the attention of senior members of the community to the
activities of the Society.

Alert the Society to cases of hardship of a physical, emotional or
financial nature (your confidentiality will be respected).
Let the committee know if anyone needs contact or assistance.
Sign up, become a financial member of the Society, and get involved.
Make a donation, which is tax-deductible.
Join the volunteer group, and promote contact with people in need.

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