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Organisation/Person behind
Available webspace
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Transfer of an axisting website to
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RSVP-form now also open to visitors
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Hidden pages in Table of Contents
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Who is the organisation behind is an initiative by the Swiss Club of Queensland Inc. to set up a web portal for all Swiss clubs and non-profit organisations in Australia. There is no other organisation behind The initial setup of this site and all the work that is coming up to make it the best portal for swiss people in Australia is done by off-ice applications on a voluntary basis. off-ice applications is using as a reference project and therefore guarantees constant improvment of this site.

Available Webspace

As is database driven, we differ between database size and external files. We do not have limits on the database, so that means, there can be as many pages, events or members as needed. Although, we put limits on external files. External files is everything that is not text like graphics, videos, pdf-files, word documents, excel sheets or other files. The upload limit has been increased from previous 2MB to 3MB per club. Additionally, each member can have 100KB of external files on the Member Profile page (what is enough to show a couple of pictures anyway).

Who can join

All Swiss Clubs, Consulates and Non-Profit Organisations in Australia and New Zealand can join Please ask the webmaster for details. The fee is $49/year and is only to cover admin costs (like phone calls and member services) and the hosting of the whole site. It will NOT increase in upcoming years. As this is a site, we do not allow advertising of businesses other than the clubs itself on the server. Although, providing a link to businesses hosted on other servers is allowed.

Clubs on

Very early after launch of this website, we already have strong interests form about a dozen Swiss Clubs in Australia. Currently, 15 clubs from Australia and New Zealand have already joined up:

We also have a complete directory of all Swiss Clubs and Organisations on our Where to Go? page. Non-participating clubs have their contact details there and we provide links to their own website. It is important for us that we have correct contact details at all times and ask non-participating clubs to send us changes of addresses.

Transfer of a website to

We offer clubs joining a free transfer of their contents from another website. Although it is very easy to maintain contents with a simple web interface on, it is a good kickstart to see how things are done. It also means that you are up and running from the first day you sign up.

Member Profile Access

Currently, not many member had put their profile online. Publishing private information on the web is something many people are cautious about. Generally, you should not publish private data on the web where anybody has access to. Check your personal homepage too ? Just to have a hidden url is not enough protection !

A Member Profile on allows you to define exaclty who has access to your information within the community. First, you can differ between the
listing (First Name, Phone and Keywords of Interest) and the full Profile (Last Name, Address and all Profile Contents). Then, you can set the access permissions (all, members or club members only) for the listing and the full profile individually. It is preset to all (listing) and members (full profile), but you can change this anytime you wish. E.g, if you set the listing to Club Members only, only registered members of your club can see your listing (others can not see you at all).

We hope this information will help you to better understand our high standards we offer for you and encourage you to enter your
FREE profile soon. This will also allow you to use all features of this site like putting your feedback for events, participate on discussion boards, have access to club specific information and even get an email alias on We think profiles are an important way of finding members with same interests and the more profile we have online, the better everybody can use this feature.

Easy Links to Clubs

It is now easier to get to a club homepage. Before, you had to know the ID of that club and then needed to enter as an URL into your browser. This has been simplified. Now, simply put the club-alias behind and you will be redirected to the appropriate page automatically.

E.g: to go to the
Cercle Romand in Sydney, enter

This also works for getting a list of all Clubs in a State or a Member.

E.g. to find
Clubs in New South Wales, enter


RSVP form also open to visitors 25/2/2002

Online RSVP, like feedback and discussion boards have been available to registered users only. A new checkbox allow registration for visitors (non users) has been implemented in the edit event page to also allow visitors to register online. For existing events, it is disabled by default.

The procedure to handle visitor online registration is slightly different. Visitors are requested to enter their email address (a seaparate field will appear automatically). As visitors can not see their own registration, so the person responsible for the event should send them an email confirmation. This can be done by clicking on confirm besides their registration details.

Registered members of should always logon first before they register for events so they can use advanced features of online registration (like deleting and re-submitting their details).

Email notification for discussion boards 26/2/2002

Email notification for discussion boards have been implemented. Users now see a link besides the 'Post New Message' Button to enable/disable email notification. Participating users can set this for each discussion board separately. Enabled, it will automatically send an email when another user posts a new message on the board. The mail contains the page name (title) and the message itself (content) together with a link to the discussion board. Users should not reply to this mail - they should go to the board itself by clicking on the board-link. This will take them directly to the board (if they are not logged on yet, they will be taken to the logon page first).

Also, when Delete Board is clicked, it will send the user that clicks it an email containing all the messages posted on the board. This is great for archiving messages or forwarding them to participating users.

Hidden pages in Table of Contents 6/3/2002

The preview checkbox in the Edit Table of Contents has been replaced by a 3-state dropdown field that allows to display pages either with or without a preview or hide it at all in the Table of Contents page. Hiding pages is useful when you have a lot of single pages that you link from another page and should not appear in the Table of Contents. Make sure that you acyually create links to hidden pages, otherwise they can not be accessed.

Support for regular events 6/3/2002

Events can now have multiple dates, e.g. you have a Jass-Evening every 2nd Thursday, you can enter 2002-03-07 2002-03-21 2002-04-04 ... in the Date field of the event. For every date, the event will be listed in the What's On and List of Events pages.

Indents simplify multi-line lists 16/3/2002

Creating lists whose elements span over 2 lines could just be realized by creating a table. You now can use a [ ] (a space between square brackets) that indents the text of additional lines to avoid using complex tables. It simply inserts an invisible spacer-element.

Support for slideshows 12/3/2002

A very nice new feature is the implementation of slideshows. Use the following syntax:

[pic.jpg slide]description

If you have multiple pictures, put every picture definition on a new line. Using slide in the picture definition will automatically create a thumbnail and show the description text when you move over it (you have to specify a description!). When clicking on the picture, it will open the slideshow starting with this picture. While you watch it, the next picture will be preloaded already.

This feature is great if you have a lot of pictures on one page. You can have more than one slideshow section on one page and slideshows work in club homepages, events, information pages. The fast loading thumbnails are generated on the server, automatically updated if you change pictures and stored in a subdirectory of your club/member directory. They are not taken into consideration in your download limit.

Local links in red menus 27/3/2002

You now have the possibility to create local links in the red menus. To do so, add the link separated with a # to the Menu Text (e.g. Emigrants#letus.php?ID=5). This works with main menus (Edit Club Menus) and sub menus (Edit Page). Further details are described on those edit-pages.

Design online forms 27/3/2002

Pages have been extended with the ability of implementing online forms that is e.g. used for Club Member Registration. In Edit Page, the checkbox Page has a discussion Board has been replaced by a drop-down box and you can select select this option there. Below, you can define the form sections in detail of how it should look like (Please refer to the information described below this field). Submitted forms will then be sent via email to the specified address for further processing.

Restrict page access to certain users 11/4/2002

A new field Restrict access to certain users in Edit Page allows to restrict the access to this page to the listed users only. Others will not have access and they do not see the page in the menu (if set). This has been implemented for critical information that should be visible to a few users only.

New Dataset Search support for pages 11/4/2002

The screen Edit Page has been reprogrammed and is now easier to understand. After selecting or changing the field Page Functionality, only relevant fields with their description are displayed.

A new functionality is Dataset Search. It allows to search an Excel-like spreadsheet with rows (separate lines) and columns (separated by |) by any word (at least 3-letters). Starting the search, only datasets where the word was found are displayed with their details. Results are limited to 20 datasets for security reasons.

Datasets can either be entered manually or can be uploaded from a standard csv-file like it can be easily exported from any application like MS-Excel, MS-Access or others.

Copy Contents 17/4/2002

You can now copy contents from any other page or event you have access to. To do that, open the page/event first you want to copy from. Remember the ID of that page/event. Then edit the page/event you want to copy the contents to. Simply enter the ID number in the contents field and click on update.

This procedure works for content fields (page and event) and for online forms. This is great for beginners as you can see how Others have done it.

Past Events in Events Menu 17/4/2002

The standard Events menu now separates between (upcoming) Events and Past Events. If past events still have a menu text assigned to it, they will be separated by a sub-header Past Events: in the Events menu.

Participate in events from other clubs 1/5/2002

It is now possible to participate in events posted from other clubs. Before, you had to add a pseudo event in your club and then somehow link inside the text to the event in the other club. This was not very nice and produced redundant entries in the What's On section. Now, you can simply refer to any other event ID (or ID's) from another club by entering them into the new field under the Events Menu in the Edit Main Menu page. Such events will now be shown when you klick on the Events menu. If the editor of the event has defined a Menu Text, it will also appear in your Events menu.

Bug-Fixes / Work-Arounds

Login Issues 7/1/2004

Recently, users experiences timeouts when logged in what caused all sorts of problems. This had been fixed now and the login-routines had been improved at the same time and made even more secure.

Please note that with the new authorisation method, you need to have cookies enabled in order to be able to login into Also, always logout before you leave, otherwise your login will stay active for 15 minutes idle time even if you close the browser.

Underscore _ in links 4/2/2002

There was a bug in links that underscores (like they occasionally appear) have been converted to non-breaking spaces. The usage of underscore is now defined like the following:

- To make a non-breaking space, use a single underscore (_)
- To force an underscore (text/links), use a double underscore (__)

Page functionality issues 17/4/2002

Since the introduction of new page functionalities, there has been some minor bugs associated with it. First, new pages added seemed to get lost when not updated immediately. Second, pages defined as links could not beeing edited anymore. These issues have been resolved now. Pages defined as links can be accesses through Edit TOC. If using a page instead of a TOC for a main menu, you have to temporarily disable it (enter 0 as page) in order to get access to it.