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7th National Australian Jass Tournament
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Results of the 2017 tournament and updates

To all participants of the AJT2017,

It has been just over 2 months since the 7th Australian Jass Tournament took place at the Swiss Club in Melbourne, and we have received a few enquiries regarding the official Jass results. This task has been in my “court” as the main coordinator and organiser of the Tournament, and I wish to apologize for the delay in sending out these documents. It is not all that easy to find the time for such tasks when one is in more than a full-time employment, managing a couple of companies.
Anyhow, attached are now a number of PDF-files, as follows:
a) Individual Results for all 80 players
Download the PDF file here
b) Couples Results for all 18 couples
c) Summary scores and rankings for players with German Cards
d) Summary scores and rankings for players with French Cards
e) Summary scores and rankings for each participating State
f) Table with all participants and “per round” totals for each of the 10 rounds played. This table would best be printed in A3 format, as otherwise a magnifying glass is required for all those without an “eagle eye”. On this table, the highest score per round is also highlighted. The numbers in red refer to post tournament corrections, which were necessary due to discrepancies in the grand totals. Whilst we tried to find all the mistakes on the day, we had to give-up as otherwise the presentation of the results would have been delayed even further. With one exception, the mistakes were all related to incorrectly filled-in score sheets. Based on this experience, we would recommend to the next organising committee to change the format of the result slip that is collected after every round.
g) Statistic 1 shows you how the medal winners progressed from round to round with their round ranking and overall ranking. It also shows the rankings for Places 4 to 10 with the difference to the winning score and the rank difference.
h) Statistic 2 is a summary overview of the past 7 Tournaments, showing the overall scores of the top ten players, highest round score, lowest score, number of participants, medal winners and location of the Tournament. This statistic also shows that this year three records were reached: Firstly, highest number of participants, and secondly highest overall score and highest rank difference (336 points!) between the 1st and 2nd placed players, in contrast to a single point and 2 points difference in 2014 and 2015.
i) Copy of the Sponsor Banner

As there are already a few MB attachments, I will dispense with adding some photos, as otherwise the email may bounce back from many recipients. There are a number of photos on the Swiss Club website, but if somebody wants some specific photos sent, then just let us know.
We from the Organising Committee believe that it was a successful Tournament, which has been reinforced by many verbal compliments we have received. We also wish to thank those participants who sent us a feedback per email - it is appreciated as a lot of time and effort have gone into preparing and organising the event. We will be happy to provide any information to the next Committee organising the event in Queensland that may assist. We all have fond memories of the previous AJT in Queensland, and therefore are already looking forward to the event in 2018.

I hope the above and attached information will suffice , but if there any queries, then please contact us.

Hans Keller
Email Hans Keller

AJT2017 Organising Committee

Hans Keller - Roger Moullet – Markus Helsing – Doris Conrad

Webadministrators Note: The Files mentioned can be downloaded
from our website in a "ZIP" File here: AJT2017 Results

This years tournament will be held on Sunday-Monday, 11/12 June 2017 in Melbourne

The Swiss Club of Victoria invites players of the beloved Swiss Card Game Jass to participate in the 7th Australian Jass Tournament to be held in Melbourne on Sunday, 11 June 2017.
We look forward to welcoming you in Melbourne!

More info and registration: Contact Hans Keller
The Swiss Club of Victoria
89 Flinders Lande,
Melbourne VIC 3000
Email Hans Keller

Program Details:

Sunday 11 June 2017
Jass Tournament at the Swiss Club of Victoria, 2nd floor.
The dinner will be held at the Swiss Club Restaurant on the 1st floor.
We will not adopt the Perth model but play with the German Cards. If there are enough participants, we will also organise a competition with the French Cards as was done in Sydney.

Monday, 12 June 2017
Full day excursion, approx 10am departure and 4pm return.

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committee nor is the club liable for any expenses due to errors or misleading
information. Copyright © 2017 Swiss Society of Queensland Inc. - All rights