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Whale Watching Cruise at Jervis Bay
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In October 2010 members went for a whale watching cruise at Jervis Bay. It was a full-day event travelling by bus from Canberra to Jervis Bay, followed by a 3 hour boat cruise before the return bus trip back to Canberra. It was a long day of 14 hours, but was a lot of fun for everyone. The idea was to enjoy the trip and let a professional do the driving. Everyone, adults and children were welcome. This was a special event for Club members who were eligible for a considerable subsidy, courtesy of the 'Emil Hochuli Foundation'.

Nature being what it is, and despite the cruise providers trying very hard, no whales were sited on the day. However, the cruise took us on an extensive sight seeing tour of Jervis Bay all the way to Point Perpendicular with lots of explanations about its geology and the history of the Bay in general. As a consolation members received a ticket by the cruise providers for a return trip to be redeemed within a year. So many of the members may well make use of this opportunity and revisit the Bay and have another chance to see those migrating creatures of the wide seas.

With best wishes
Your Committee

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