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Mountain Bike World Championships
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Canberra was hosting the Mountain Bike World Championships at the purpose built mountain bike track Mt Stromlo in September 2009. The main events were held from Friday 4th to Sunday 6th September as shown in the time table below. A cheer squad with cow bells and flags was organised by the Canberra Swiss Club in support of the Swiss riders.

For further information on the cheer squad please contact
Stephan Fuchs on mob: 0418 991 569 or ph: 6299 1564

Friday 4 Sept 09
09.15, 13.15 Women Observed Trials Final 20,/26
10.30 Downhill Official Timed Session
13.15,17.15 Elite Men Observed Trials 26, Semi Finals
14.00 World Championships Cross Country U23 Men
18.30 World Championships 4X Men/Women
Followed by Awards Ceremony

Saturday 5 Sept 09
10.00 World Championships Cross Country Elite Women
10.30, 12.00 Juniors Men Observed Trials Finals 20,
14.30, 16.00 Elite Men Observed Trials Final 20,
14.00 World Championships Cross Country Elite Men

Sunday 6 Sept 09
10.30 World Championships Juniors Women and Juniors Men Downhill
12.10, 13.40Juniors Men Observed Trials Final
13.00 World Championships Elite Women Downhill
13.50, 15.20 Elite Men Observed Trials Final
14.00 World Championships Elite Men Downhill
Followed by Awards Ceremony
17.00, 17.20 Closing Ceremony
"hopp Schwyz!!"

For a complete time table please refer to the official program.

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